Akamai has built a vast network of top performing patient referral directories, bringing hundreds of physicians to the fingertips of prospective patients everywhere.

We rely on proprietary SEO tactics honed and perfected for over 10 years, combined with user tested website designs geared towards conversion. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a buzzword being thrown around a lot by today’s industry leaders. At Akamai, we don’t see SEO as a static, inanimate thing that can be easily labeled or defined. SEO is an ever-changing and evolving aspect of internet marketing that goes beyond just adding keywords and driving traffic.

The secret to Akamai’s success is a secret, but one thing we can tell you, it is all based around helping you CONVERT the leads we bring you, which means bringing you the best, most qualified leads from our dynamic SEO tactics. Raking in over 5,000 live calls a month from our profile sites and directories, it’s safe to say we are on to something here.

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Akamai Innovations Inc. Medical Marketing Directories

Nationwide Patient Referral Directories

Our network of patient referral directories helps connect patients to physicians in their local areas. With an easy to use locator interface and top ranking websites covering markets in all major cities in the U.S. and Canada…Learn More



Akamai Innovations Inc. Medical Marketing Profile Websites

Personal Microsites That Capture & Convert

Choose from a large selection of microsite themes, designed to capture the attention of prospective patients. With years of user testing and design tweaks, our designs have proven results in markets across the U.S. and Cananda…Learn More




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