Akamai offers smart and successful internet marketing services for medical professionals who want to focus their efforts on treating their patients; while we focus our efforts on finding them new ones.


Medical-MarketingAkamai offers a personalized and affordable internet marketing strategy, designed to take your clinic to the next level. A strong and dominating web presence in your local area and an SEO strategy focused on helping prospective patients find you are just two benefits of membership. Inclusion on our nationwide directories of skilled and specialized medical professionals boosts your exposure and brings you together with like-minded peers across the nation.


Medical Marketing Profile Websites Akamai Innovations Inc.Akamai’s profile websites are designed to represent your business with a handsome, patient-facing web page that is both easy to find and easy to use. With top notch reporting metrics that track phone inquiries and email leads flowing directly to your clinic, Akamai relies on results to keep our clients happy. We do not require any long term contracts or agreements, a small one-time setup cost and a low monthly membership fee are our ways of keeping your ROI high.


SEOJust about everyone in the marketing world has heard of SEO nowadays. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fancy way of describing the art of getting to the top of the Google search results.  Imagine a patient looking for a doctor just like you, in your area; wouldn’t it be nice if your clinic came up first? Both parties are happy, the patient has found what they were looking for with ease, and you have a well-qualified lead ready to schedule an appointment.


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