Akamai \ˈa-kə-mā\ adj. [Hawaiian]: brilliant, smart, wise

Akamai Innovations was launched in 2009 as the brainchild of a longtime partnership between a superstar sales executive and an SEO-obsessed tech expert. Both masters of their respective disciplines with experience in the most demanding and competitive market places, they saw a need among doctors and knew how to meet it.

The plan was simple, yet revolutionary: deal with each client uniquely, listen to their marketing needs, and let those needs drive what Akamai does.

After years of hard work building a portfolio of clients spread across the U.S. and Canada, the plan proved to be brilliant, smart, wise – Akamai!

Today, Akamai has evolved into a successful network of hundreds of physicians and practices nationwide, and has created the top-performing online patient-referral directories in the world.


Our mission is simple:

To be doctors’ most trusted source for
medical marketing services.

Why We Care

Akamai’s success is based upon client relationships and retention; one-and-done is not our deal. Our clients pay us monthly and are not bound by any sort of long term contracts. They stick around for a reason, results!

The Akamai system is founded on a principle of “invest a little, make a lot”. With a small startup fee and minimal monthly membership costs, it’s easy to see a positive ROI in no time at all. We believe that good things come to those who work hard, and we are ready to work hard for you; putting our utmost effort into each and every client to turn them into long time partners.

Invest a little, make a lot. Call or email today to learn more. 800.775.0283