Search Engine Optimization for Medical Professionals


Search-engine optimization means getting your website to the top of all major Internet search engines, like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

After years in the game, we have developed a system that is flexible, making room for unique markets and playing to the strengths of our doctors and clinics.

Our patient referral directories support our SEO work by connecting your website to a massive online network of like minded physicians marketing toward patients in need.


It all begins with the right keywords. The right keywords can attract the right kind of traffic. Helping searchers find what they are looking for means using keywords patients use when shopping for a physician. When they land on your site, they have found what they are looking for.


That’s where you’ll find the proof that we’re all about SEO – at this moment, we’ve got over 500 medical websites ranking at the top of all major search engines. Nowadays you hear a lot of people throwing around the term “SEO,” typically referring to it simply as a way to get traffic to your site.

But there’s so much more to it than that. The fact is, your search-engine ranking doesn’t matter if your website cannot turn visitors into patients. That’s called conversion, and it’s what determines real success in the world of Internet marketing.


Talk is cheap. Anyone can show you a flashy web page and make promises of success. Akamai comes to the table with a portfolio of proof. Our sites dominate search engine rankings in both local and national searches, but it doesn’t stop there. Tracking and analyzing your site’s performance to ensure optimal results and providing you with detailed call and email lead reports takes our service to the next level, helping you track the numbers that really matter, conversions.

Akamai can make SEO Oh So Easy. Call today to learn more 800-775-0283