“I am a 40+ year-experienced Ob/Gyn trained independent fee-for-service practitioner specializing in integrative gynecology, menopausal and sexual medicine, and female genital plastic/aesthetic surgery. I am a Fellow of the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health, a NAMS-Certified Menopause Practitioner, a Certified Clinical Bone Densiometrist, and am published in the fields of menopausal medicine and genital plastic/cosmetic surgery. Since I have long been an advocate of transdermal bioidentical hormone administration (both compounded and FDA-approved), as a practice builder, I associated myself ~ 3-4 years ago with the local website, Bioidentical Doctors.com.  From them I have had a consistent modest stream of patient referrals, which has more than covered the monthly fee.  I am quite satisfied with their service, and plan to maintain our association.”

Dr. Michael Goodman has been a member of Akamai Innovations since February of 2011. His profile and listings on our multiple directories have generated over 655 calls and 125 email inquiries from prospective patients!