Shauna Wright, D.O. | BioHarmony Medical

dr-shauna-wrightYour directory has been a great asset to my practice. I have seen a steady stream of calls and email inquiries from potential patients. Patients give me compliments on my profile, which looks like my personal website. It has been the absolute best investment I have made in advertising. It brings in more patient calls than any other form of advertising I have done…and the price is so worth it! I have recommended it to many physicians because I believe in it!

William Lee, M.D. | Age Management M.D.

william-lee-mdThis has been an incredible marketing tool. I am getting in the neighborhood of 60 calls per month, and about 1/2 of those are becoming patients. That is an incredible return on my investment. It is far better than other web sites that say they can drive traffic to my practice. and Akamai Innovations have done exactly what they have said they can do. This is a win – win – win.

Bethany Klug, D.O. | Healthspan

bethany-klug-testimonialThis really works. Previous to signing up for with Akamai Innovations, patients learned about me mostly by word of mouth. Now easily 70% of new patients find me on the web. Many of them confirm they saw our practice through your directory. I will continue to use this wonderful service.

Regina Forster, M.D. | Gateways to Integral Health

Regina-Forster-MDSince I started working with and Akamai Innovations I have experienced an increase in new patients and a steady growth of my practice. The website and listings provide me with lots of fresh leads every week via phone and email. A constant stream of new patients by far outweighs the very manageable cost of this service. I cannot imagine working without this valuable service and highly recommend it to other practitioners.

Janelle M. Love, M.D. | Autism Busters

dr-janelle-loveMany marketing companies promise they can bring in new business to your office and they cannot deliver. In contrast, ever since the first month of advertising with Akamai Innovations on, I have had a steady stream of patient inquiries and subsequent long term patients. They make easy-to-use, patient-friendly websites and utilize keywords that attract patients sincerely interested in improving their health to my website. I plan to continue to use them until I retire!

Marsha Nunley, M.D. | H.E.A.L.  Medical Corp. |

Marsha Nunley, M.DI have been with Akamai Innovations on almost since its inception and was one of their first customers. Over the years I have continued to get several patients a month from them. I am also using their weight loss directory and am getting good results with that as well. An online presence is essential in this market and has proved of great value in establishing this for me.

Editha Bielitz, M.D.

The response to your customer needs is superb.  Your website is very nice and easy to navigate for patients.  The most important factor is that you help to increase the patient base.

Thank you.

Russell Bartels, M.D. | Scottsdale Center for Women’s Health

RussellBartlesM.DI signed up for with Akamai Innovations a few years ago and have been extremely satisfied with my experience. From my first call to them to find out about their services prior to joining up, through my recent interactions when they revamped the look of my web site, I have always been impressed with their customer service. The team at is always looking for ways to enhance their product and services for the benefit of their members and implement them on an ongoing basis.

I really like how I could choose from material they provide or supply my own content. Whenever I want to update or add to my web site, I simply email my changes to customer support and within a few days the changes are in place.

Customer service is important, but even more important are the results generated from my listing with Month after month patient inquiries (phone calls and emails) generated from my web site continue to grow. While writing this, I did an Internet search for bioidentical hormones in my city and found that my site from showed up organically 5 times on the first page of results!

The web site is fresh and up to date, search engine optimized, the customer service is great, and the return on the miniscule investment is phenomenal.

Rebecca de la Torre, M.D. | Allura Skin & Laser Clinic |

Rebecca de la Torre M.D.We love the service we get from Akamai Innovations and!  Each month, we receive about 20-30 phone calls from people searching for the services we provide as referrals to us through this amazing website.  We have a 70-80% close rate on those calls.  Given that most of those clients are clients for life, we see a tremendous return on our monthly investment.

As for the other 20-30% that don’t book on the spot, many of them will eventually come see us for services; they just need more time to think about it.  In the meantime, has helped us plant a seed in their minds about the benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement.  That monthly report that we get is also helpful in follow up phone calls.  Love the service!!

Scott Shapiro, M.D. | Dr. Scott’s Weight Loss & Wellness |

Scott Shapiro, M.D.Just want to say that Akamai Innovations’ referral site [] for bioidentical doctors has been a great resource for us!   They were the main source of calls for bioidenticals when we first opened our business and I’m very pleased with the ongoing volume of calls.  Their web rankings are consistent and there is NO DOUBT, it has helped grow our business!    The customer support is also excellent!

Melinda Silva, M.D. | MD AntiAging |

Melinda Silva, M.DOne of the best things that I did when I first started my practice was signing up with Akamai Innovations on As a doctor that didn’t take insurance, I was always concerned with how patients were going to find me and opening up my practice to those that were looking for my expertise in integrative medicine. I’ve had a wonderful experience with their customer service and the referrals that I have gotten with them are solid. I’m thankful that I have been more accessible to the patients that need me and that has given me the opportunity to help so many people.

Joseph Cleaver, M.D. | Paradigm Wellness Medical Group | |

Joseph Cleaver is an indispensable marketing tool for any personalized lifestyle medicine practice.

The consistent number of qualified potential patient calls and emails has been to our pivotal to the success of our practice

Albert Hirsch, Jr., M.D. – Hirsch Clinic

Albert Hirsch, Jr., M.D.I remember the days when physicians were not allowed to “advertise” and only had business cards and their names on their office doors. Times are changing, as is the practice of medicine, and hence, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. So, when Dana contacted me from Akamai Innovations regarding a website, I was skeptical and somewhat reluctant. However, she was so pleasant and seemed to understand my new practice well. After speaking with her for some time, I agreed to give her permission to have the staff at Akamai put together a sample website for me.

I was quite surprised and pleased with the “beta version”. After editing the text somewhat to better reflect my practice, I was pleased with the second version and agreed to have them put my new website on the Internet. Even though I generally try to only accept new patients from doctor and patient referrals, the volume of email and phone inquiries generated by the website was better than anticipated. I screen prospective new patients carefully, and even so, we have added dozens of new patients who found me through the website.

The Akamai staff has been friendly and helpful and even allowed me to edit my site further, more than once. They add actual patient reviews/testimonials when needed.

I have been a “client” for going on 3 years now, and could not be more pleased. I would recommend them highly for any physician practicing Hormone Replacement Therapy who is wanting his/her practice to be more visible.

Marianna Abrams, N.D., M.D., MSAOM | Water’s Edge Natural Medicine | |

Marianna Abrams, N.D., M.D., MSAOMI have used Akamai Innovations and for several years and I am very impressed with their performance. I find their marketing support is outstanding – consistent with all up-to-date demands of the Internet search. I enjoy the highly customized service of and am looking forward to continue using their excellent marketing support in the future.

Laurie Blanscet, D.O. | An Optimal You

Laurie Blanscet, is extremely affordable and easy to use. I receive numerous referrals from their site on a regular basis.

Their online presence is superb.

Michael Goodman, M.D. | Caring for Women Wellness Center

Michael Goodman M.D.I am a 40+ year-experienced Ob/Gyn trained independent fee-for-service practitioner specializing in integrative gynecology, menopausal and sexual medicine, and female genital plastic/aesthetic surgery. I am a Fellow of the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health, a NAMS-Certified Menopause Practitioner, a Certified Clinical Bone Densiometrist, and am published in the fields of menopausal medicine and genital plastic/cosmetic surgery. Since I have long been an advocate of transdermal bioidentical hormone administration (both compounded and FDA-approved), as a practice builder, I associated myself ~ 3-4 years ago with the local website, Bioidentical  From them I have had a consistent modest stream of patient referrals, which has more than covered the monthly fee.  I am quite satisfied with their service, and plan to maintain our association.

Dr. M | Optimal Health Spectrums

Dr Lynne Mielke, M.D.My integrative hormone practice was doing well, or so I thought, until I signed up for We saw an almost immediate increase in patient phone calls and appointments. So much so, that we had to add staff to accommodate the increase in patient traffic – a nice problem to have.  I have been very impressed with the quality of service that we have received, especially with their attention to details such as search engine optimization. As a result, patients who are looking for what we provide can now actually find us online, which they were having trouble with before. We now get most of our new patients directly from these internet searches, and direct patient referrals. Also, since advertising through, I have not had to spend additional money on advertising via other methods – which has really saved me money in the long run. I feel that this was the most cost-effective investment in my practice that I have ever made. I highly recommend them.

Steve Komadina, M.D. | Health Horizons

Steven Komadina has been a constant source of new patients as we have participated with this site.  It gives us a presence for a very fair price and we appreciate the attention and follow up to insure we are getting the most value from this service.  We count our blessings daily that we found this company to work with.

Dr Johanan Rand | Healthy Aging Medical Centers

Johanan Rand M.D.I have been with Akamai Innovations and for 5 years.  My practice continues to grow with inquiries on a daily basis. In addition,  my complete website was designed by Akamai Innovations.  Their support and customer service is superb.   I directly attribute without question the growth of my practice to Akamai.  I recommend anyone considering growth of their practice to strongly use Akamai Innovations and